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This site is only for an individual about the age of 18 years. The usage of a company or organization name for investment is not allowed as this is against UK's anti-money laundering legislation. Account made with company or organization data will be transferred to an account which contains the real information of the investor.

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Product Availability

Creating more than one investment account by a single user is consider as service abuse, such user shall be suspended without refund. Some of the products mentioned within this site are only available to persons with a specific residential status. Furthermore, applicants may be restricted by local regulations applicable in their country of residence – advice should be obtained from a financial adviser.

Long Term Deposit

Investment from balance for a period of 45 days or more without withdrawal will require a single deposit into 3 days or 5 days plan before payment can be processed. Without deposit such payment will be process during end of the months accounting period.

Other Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal upto $6000 can be processed via bank transfer while amount with minimum of $10, 000 can be paid via Mastercard provided by our bank.